The Global Shark Attack File is a privately-funded research project created by and for physicians, surgeons and shark behaviorists. Membership is open to serious researchers.

Benefits of Membership

  • Access to the GSAF library of journal articles (available as Adobe Acrobat pdf files)
  • Digitized case files (+6,300 to date) are available to GSAF members. Please note: Although GSAF contains the world's largest collection of shark injury photographs, to ensure patient privacy, comply with HIPAA regulations, and standardize information presented, digitized case files contain medical illustrations (when available) instead of injury photographs.

Membership fees

  • Level 1 - Medical Personnel (E.R. physicians, surgeons and medical examiners) ? All fees waived upon verification of credentials.
  • Level 2 - Shark Attack Victims ? All fees waived upon verification of incident, receipt of a GSAF questionnaire, and endorsement by a GSAF investigator or SAVN.
  • Level 3 - $100 initiation fee plus $50 annual membership fee.





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